5/4 x 6 Green Pressure Treated Deck Boards

Decking, Green Pressure Treated Decking

Product Code: PT54X6

5/4" x 6" Green Pressure Treated Deck Boards

1.25in by 6in

1 1/4 inch by 6 inch

Available in 8ft , 10ft , 12ft , 14ft or 16ft lengths

Barefoot Outdoor Decking is treated with ACQ, a family of soluble copper-based preservative solutions for exterior wood products that provides long-term protection from fungal decay and termite attack for a wide variety of residential, commercial and agricultural construction applications.

Although no maintenance is required during the first year, a high-quality semi-transparent stain or water repellent will help protect the wood from weathering. To ensure the wood is dry, wait six weeks after installation and five days after rain; follow the stain manufacturer's instructions. Thereafter, it is recommended every 2-3 years that you clean the deck's surface with a deck brightener product to revitalize the appearance of your decking and then apply a fresh coat of semi-transparent stain or water repellent after the deck has dried.

Available in 8', 10', 12', 14' or 16' lengths