Aba66Z 6X6 Z-Max Post Base

Product Code: HWABA66Z

Builders Hardware, Hangers

The Simpson Strong-Tie ABA66Z 6x6 post base is perfect for your next deck, patio or pergola build/remodel. Designed for securing your nominal 6x6 posts to a concrete slab or footing, the ABA series provides the a solid connection at an excellent value.

Main Features

  • A slotted hole for the concrete anchor allows for adjustment so you can achieve the perfect post alignment.
  • The ABA66Z provides a 1” standoff to get your 6x6 post 1” off the ground. Not only will your project be code compliant, but it will keep your post end from sitting in standing water to prevent unwanted rotting and damage.
  • The G185 ZMAX ® galvanized finish provides a level of corrosion resistance that is acceptable for use with treated lumber and normal outdoor use. If you’re installing in a high corrosive environment, i.e. near saltwater or where exposure to chemicals may occur, it’s recommended that you use a stainless steel base like the ABU66SS Stainless Post base.