The Loewen LiftSlide complements another product line in terms of profiles, interior vertical grain Douglas Fir finish, and exterior metal clad colors. Created with the highest level of quality, the LiftSlide is an excellent companion product for Loewen projects offering consistent appearance, function, and quality.


  • Straight, corner, and angled configurations
  • LiftSlide door systems are available up to 40 feet wide and 14 feet tall and can be combined with straight segments to create brilliant spaces in various shapes
  • Up to 70 square feet of glass in any one panel
  • Panels roll smoothly and easily when opening and closing (including 850-pound panels)
  • Four-inch aluminum/wood hybrid door stiles that won’t twist or warp
  • Standard drainage track that protrudes 3/16” above the finished floor
  • The optional raised threshold for inclement weather climates

Main features

  • 6063 T5 aircraft grade aluminum extrusions
  • Thermally broken aluminum panels
  • Corrosion resistant track with optional transverse drains
  • Thermally efficient fiberglass raised threshold with integrated drainage.
  • Flexible gasket material
  • 3 1/2″ (89 mm) wide x 3 3/16″ (82 mm) high stiles (4″ (102 mm) wide with Back Cap)
  • Robust hardware handles a maximum weight of 850 lbs per panel
  • Recommended maximum panel size with standard glass is 88″ (2235 mm) wide or 88″ (2235 mm) tall and 70 square feet of glass
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel wheel assemblies with deformation-resistant wheels and precision bearings
  • Optional all-wood panel

The Loewen LiftSlide allows expansive glass panels to roll smoothly and easily during operation. This not only provides a panoramic view, but it also extends the living space of your home.

The doors glide easily on almost-unnoticeable stainless steel “Barely There”Γäó tracks. With the touch of a hand, the LiftSlide mechanism effortlessly carries glass panels weighing up to 850 pounds. The track protrudes 3/16″ above the finished floor so your interiors and exterior finishes flow seamlessly. For more inclement environments, a raised threshold is available for additional protection.

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