Nextstone Starter Strip (2'x48)

Product Code: NSSTART

Exterior Siding, Stone


Made from a unique blend of polyurethane, fire retardants, and UV inhibitors, this Metal Starter 2 in. x 48 in. Steel Strip for is the ideal addition for your faux stone panels. Each strip is designed to begin the first row of the NextStone panels. These strips allow for the panels to lock without having to screw through the front of the NextStone panels.

Main features:

  • 4 ft. metal starter strip is used to begin first row of the NextStone panels
  • The starter strip allows the panels to lock in without having to screw through the front of them creating blemishes
  • Starter strips are installed approximately 2.5 in. above grade
  • Strips are angled to fit the NextStone panels snug
  • Can easily be cut

Install guide:

  • While Polyurethane has minimal expansion and contraction, all products must be allowed to acclimate 48 hours minimum prior to installation.
  • Never leave cut edges of NextStone™ exposed as the Polyurethane will discolor with exposure to sunlight. Use Touch Up Paint to cover cut edges.
  • Quality deck screws or stainless steel screws are recommended with a minimum of 6 screws per panel.
  • The adhesive is NOT required for installation. PL Premium Construction Adhesive is recommended if the adhesive is used.
  • NextStone™ panels can be installed onto any substrate including concrete and brick. Concrete screws and pre-drilled holes are recommended.
  • 4' Metal Starter Strips are needed to begin the first course/row of panels